Tulipop Tales: The Forgotten Forest in Icelandic


The Icelandic version of The Forgotten Forest, the first book in the Tulipop Tales series. The Forgotten Forest is an imaginative adventure story featuring the Tulipop characters created by award-winning Icelandic illustrator, Signý Kolbeinsdóttir. 

The book tells the origin story of how mushroom siblings Bubble and Gloomy meet Fred for the first time. A beautiful story of friendship set in the amazing, ever-changing landscapes of Tulipop island.

A beautifully printed 32 page full colour hardcover book featuring vibrant and colourful illustrations on every page.


"The text is rich, the language beautiful, the pictures wonderfully adventurous and mysterious."  

"You can immerse yourself in the images, which almost jump off the page in all the colors of the rainbow. And then there's a subtle sense of humor in the book that you can really enjoy - children and adults."

- ★★★★☆ (4.5*) review in Icelandic literary magazine Lestrarklefinn:


The book is also available in English