The Tulipop Island

Tulipop is a wondrous island in the middle of two seas, governed by 3 moons. Created when a magical underwater volcano erupted many lifetimes ago, the lava formed the island that evolved into the beautiful place that is Tulipop.

Loosely based on the landscapes of Iceland, Tulipop is full of waterfalls, rugged mountains, hot springs, and golden sands and is the home of six very different but equally loveable characters who work together to try and overcome the various predicaments they face.

Gloomy, Bubble, Fred, Miss Maddy, Mr Tree and Mama Skully are all totally different but utterly unique characters that each have their own skills but are not without their flaws. They are all very fond of each other but do clash on occasion due to their different outlooks and sensibilities.

Meet the Tulipoppers


Naïve, curious, temperamental, easily distracted, and prone to eating random things that he finds, Fred is a monster of indeterminate age. As a monster, the only thing that’s actually scary about Fred is his breath. He is chill, and it’s not in him to incite conflict. He rolls with whatever comes his way and usually finds a reason to be excited about it. However, he is afraid of the dark, but plays it off and refuses to admit when he’s actually scared.

Miss Maddy

Outgoing, confident to the core, vocally gifted, and a master of sass, Miss Maddy is Tulipop‘s resident diva. Miss Maddy never passes up an opportunity to step into the spotlight, and she’s not above threatening the spotlight operator to stay fixed on her at all times. She can be bossy and manipulative when she wants something - although it’s done in a warm, charming way.


Relentlessly adventurous, curious and self-interested, Gloomy the mushroom girl is a loyal friend. Gloomy is all about the new and unexplored, she‘s willing to go anywhere or do anything, particularly if it’s never been done before – and even better if she can find a way to add her own twisted style to it. She embodies the improv concept of “Yes And,” as well as the childlike concept of “Me First.”


Embracing the logic and suspicious of feelings, Bubble the mushroom boy is Gloomy’s brother and (generally) the most level-headed member on Tulipop. Bubble is intelligent, although he fears coming off like a know-it-all. At times, it’s an impulse for him to correct people when they’re wrong. He doesn’t mean it, he’s just so excited to share the stuff he knows. Finding new fun facts makes Bubble genuinely excited.

Mr Tree

Mr Tree is the warm hearted resident storyteller and historian of Tulipop. He is deeply connected to Tulipop, thanks to his roots, but he has the tendency to “tree-splain” everything because of all that he knows. He’s a hoarder, and stores diamonds, gems, trinkets, and snacks in his branches. His diamond collection grows every time he sheds a tear - because Mr Tree cries diamonds.

Mama Skully

The ancient first lady of Tulipop (and the closest thing it has to a deity), Mama Skully caused the volcanic eruption that led to the creation of Tulipop. She’s a talking skull who is insightful, manipulative, crotchety, and clever. She can harness the powers of Tulipop; she knows all, but doesn’t always share all.