COMBO! Tulipop Tales: The Muffinpuffin & The Forgotten Forest (English version)


Both Tulipop Tales series books, "The Muffinpuffin" and "The Forgotten Forest" at a special combo-price. 

The Muffinpuffin

The second book in the Tulipop Tales series, The Muffinpuffin, is expected at the end of September 2020. The first book in the series, The Forgotten Forest, was published in late 2019, and got great reviews. 

The Muffinpuffin tells the story of when Fred and Gloomy stumble upon a muffinpuffin, a rare bird, in the Mushroom Swamp. Then the question is, should they eat it? Or look after it? 

The story was written by Signý Kolbeinsdóttir, Tulipop's co-founder and the creator of the Tulipop world, with the renowned English script writer, Davey Moore, and the bestselling Icelandic author, Gunnar Helgason. 

The book is 32 pages, hardcover and beautifully illustrated by Signý. It is perfect for kids from around four to eight years old - and hopefully the whole family will also enjoy it! 

The Forgotten Forest

The first book in the Tulipop tales series, The Forgotten Forest, tells the story of how mushroom siblings Bubble and Gloomy meet Fred for the first time. It is a beautiful story of friendship set in the amazing, ever-changing landscapes of Tulipop island.